Jerry Wyatt Jr. Prayer Letter: A Valentine’s Day Gift to Remember!When I woke up to fresh-cut flowers and a beautiful homemade card, I was so pleased and delighted that my husband was so kind and considerate in thinking of me in such a way this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019. God, however, had another special blessing for our family that showed us His love for us.

We had been taking a very important prayer request to HIM alone in prayer. That prayer request was for a 4WD, diesel, manual-transmission vehicle with high ground clearance that would enable us to travel to many cities and villages here in Tanzania, often using poorly maintained dirt roads. Since we had already been invited by Tanzanian pastors to come disciple, train, and establish the churches they oversee, we believed it would just be a matter of time before God would provide “. . . abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Hudson Taylor once said, “God’s work, done in God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.”

Watching God supply in miraculous ways for the needs of our family and the ministry over and over again is so exciting. On January 6, the very day a group of baptized believers (picture attached) were covenanting together to start the Faith Baptist Church of Ndevelwa (a village just outside of Tabora where we have been preaching and teaching the Statement of Faith every week for over a year), a church back in the United Sates was voting, unbeknownst to us, to provide the funds needed to purchase that vehicle. Once again, we were in awe of God and HIS marvelous grace in supplying this specific need! Having received this wonderful news, we got on our knees and gave God thanks and glory for what HE was obviously doing!

We started the process of seeking the vehicle that God wanted for us. When you are truly seeking HIS will, HE can make it very clear, as we were about to experience very profoundly! We made attempts to purchase (inquiries about) four vehicles over the next few weeks. Each time we did so, that vehicle sold. The money was actually wired to purchase the fourth vehicle before we were told that it sold locally in the UK. Can you imagine how we were feeling about then? We knew God had supplied the funds in a miraculous way and that HE wanted us to have a vehicle, but we didn’t understand what was happening at the moment. After receiving the stunning email, we immediately contacted the Japanese export company offices in Japan by phone. They assured us that they would have a replacement for us that day. As soon as we disconnected our SKYPE call, we visited the company website to once again look through the available stock of vehicles. When we inserted our search criteria for the “100th” time, we were amazed at what we found—a beautiful 4WD, diesel, manual-transmission vehicle that was the same year, but cleaner, with lower mileage, and the exact color we preferred. It had just been placed online for sale. We called the exporter back and urged them to move on it right away. Within a short time, the “SOLD” message was seen online again . . . but this time, the vehicle had been sold to us! Praise the Lord! On Valentine’s Day morning, we received the confirmation that our vehicle had already been loaded onto a ship, and the departure date was that very day. It is on the way!!!

In the midst of all of the ups and downs emotionally, the Lord blessed us with opportunities to lead a mother of seven children to the Lord at her house (picture attached), two young people after Sunday school, a man visiting on a recent Wednesday evening together with eight others before and after the Sunday services!! Also, during this time, three more adults joined the newly organized Faith Baptist Church out in the village.

Please pray with us about:
…the school ministry and the many students that we are privileged to teach every week.
…the discipleship program and those going through the 20 lessons.
…our vehicle to arrive safely in a month or so and to clear customs quickly without problems.

Jerry Wyatt Jr. and Family