Jeremy Snipes Prayer Letter:  Wonderful and Productive SummerWhat a wonderful and productive summer God gave us! I had the privilege of traveling as a summer tour preacher with two different Hyles-Anderson College tour groups. While traveling with the first group, we had meetings in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. God used the tour group, as well as the messages preached, for souls to be saved and lives to be changed for His cause.

While we were in Dallas, Texas, doing some sightseeing, I was able to meet and witness to 4 men who had recently come to the USA from the Congo. It was a joy to see Edimo, Justin, Kweli, and Omari trust Christ as their personal Saviour! During a youth rally in Baytown, Texas, we were able to see 10 trust Christ as Saviour and 10 others surrender to serve the Lord.

While I was with the second tour group for three weeks in the Midwest, we saw several people saved. One of those was a man named Matt, who lived only three blocks from the St. Louis Arch. We had just gotten out to visit the Arch, and as we crossed the street, I began talking to Matt. He had no idea of what was going to happen after he died. Praise the Lord that He trusted Christ as His Saviour!

FBMI Missions University, held during the same week as our FBC Youth Conference, is always a highlight of our year. What a blessing it was to see FBMI missionaries just starting out on deputation, others who are in the middle of their deputation, others who are near the end of deputation, and others who are in the USA for furlough! Again, God gave me the opportunity to teach some during the week, as well as have some great conversations with some of the missionaries that I serve.

Within the past few days, we have really enjoyed the staff orientation for all the FBC ministries and also the specific staff orientation for Hyles-Anderson College orientation. We are very much looking forward to the fall semester, as God has allowed me the privilege to teach missions and Bible courses this semester at Hyles-Anderson College, as well as teach in the Spanish Bible Institute and lead the Hyles-Anderson College Local Outreach Ministry.

Please pray that God uses the ministries that we are involved in for His honor and glory. Pray as we serve missionaries in Europe and Africa. Pray as our daughter Katie graduates in April of 2022 from Hyles-Anderson College, pray for Jeremy Jr. who recently graduated from high school, and pray for Andrew as he starts his junior year of high school.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support!

For His glory,

Jeremy Snipes