Jeremy Snipes Prayer Letter:  Upcoming Trip to KenyaWe are right in the middle of our Heart to Help Forum here at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. I had the privilege to help out with the forum Developing a Missions-Minded Church. What a tremendous help the forum has been to me and all who have attended!

It has been abundantly clear to me recently how necessary the work is that God does through us as Field Service Coordinators for FBMI missionaries all around the world. Over the past week, God has used me to help 15 different missionary families with situations from financial questions to praying for sick family members to helping do the work more effectively. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve these families.

Please pray, as I will be preaching October 21-23, 2018, for the Missions Conference of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Marion, Iowa, my home church before college and the church where I was ordained. Please pray for more missionaries to be supported, more young people to be called into the Lord’s service, and more prayers to be offered on behalf of missionaries.

Then, from November 1-13, 2018, I will be going to Nairobi, Kenya, to see the work that God is doing through Peter and Melody Morris and Andy and Connie Richey. Even though I have been in eight African countries, this will be my first time in Kenya. We will see the work in Nairobi and other Kenyan cities. Please pray for my health on this trip and that the trip will be productive.

God has blessed the New Grace Adult Sunday School Class that I get to teach and has brought several visitors in the past month or so. He has also given us fruit as we are out soul winning and planting seeds each week. Two weeks ago, I had the open door to witness to Martin, who readily trusted Christ as Saviour. Earl, a convert who got baptized three months ago and has only missed a Sunday morning service one time since then, brought a friend named Anthony three weeks ago. After Sunday school, Anthony got saved and then got baptized after the service. Praise God!!!

The missions and Bible classes that I get to teach at Hyles-Anderson College are going extremely well this semester because of the kindness of the Lord and the great appetite for reaching the world the college students have. If you are a high school student and want to serve the Lord, consider talking with your pastor and making a visit to the college to see if this might be the place where God would like you to be trained for ministry.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support.

For His glory,

Jeremy Snipes