Jeremy Snipes Prayer Letter: A Great Summer Filled with Blessings!I love the changing seasons and seeing the leaves fall. We had a great summer, filled with different blessings from the Lord, such as traveling with a tour group for a few weeks, seeing people saved, watching people surrender to do God’s will, and encouraging pastors as they serve our Lord Jesus Christ in their places around the nation. It has also been a privilege helping a few missionaries as they either start on deputation or as they continue raising their prayer and financial support.

Over the past few months, God has not only allowed me to serve some of our FBMI missionaries as they start on deputation but also to help others in their financial reporting, ministry work, and furlough preparation. Please pray that God gives me wisdom as I help each missionary in the different phases of missionary life. At the end of this month, please pray as I preach the Missions Conference for Decatur Baptist Church, pastored by Andrew Coblentz in Little Hocking, Ohio.

The Holy Spirit has greatly helped us, leading us to those who need to be saved. This past Saturday after knocking doors on several blocks, we met a college freshman named Jacob. After witnessing to him, he gladly accepted Christ. Last week on the way to a visit, a 79-year-old man named Jimmy waved to us, so we made that our next visit. He went to a good church but didn’t know for sure about Heaven. We were so glad when he bowed his head and asked Jesus to save him.

God is really working in our adult Bible class called New Grace. About 6 weeks ago, a bus captain brought 2 guests, Eric and Lisa, to New Grace. Lisa was saved, but I was able to win Eric to Christ after class. He got baptized that same Sunday. They have been in class 4 out of the past 6 weeks. Then Vee came from the same route, and she got saved her first week. The following week, her son Chris, who came to see her get baptized, got saved that Sunday and also got baptized! God has allowed us to see about 10 first-time visitors in our adult Bible class in the past 2 months, as well as many returning guests.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support!

For His glory,

Jeremy Snipes