James Belisle Prayer Letter: The World Starts to Open Up!I am thankful that I was able start off this year with a trip to Guatemala, where I was with Missionary Daniel Wilder and his family. Brother Wilder was very pleased with the messages and believed they helped his people in the area of missions. Though I had to take a COVID test before leaving the States and then another upon my return, things still went smoothly, other than a one-day delay in leaving the country due to a snowstorm.

Linda and I are now on our way out East, where I will be preaching a series of meetings. I really would appreciate your prayers during the next two months. First of all, I ask you to pray for safety as we travel. We will be going to Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Michigan, and then back to Iowa. Once back here, we will fly down to Belize, where I will be preaching for a missionary. Then if you could, please pray for God’s power and His guidance in the messages I will be preaching. I will be preaching three Missions-Emphasis Weekends, two revivals, and reporting back to some supporting churches.

While in our hometown, we, of course, stay busy in the church ministry. A man started coming to church in December of last year. While I was teaching in Sunday school, I noticed he had slipped into the class after helping out during one of our big days. I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to ask him about his salvation. He was honest with me and admitted he was not sure of Heaven. I praise the Lord that I was able to lead him to Christ. A month or so passed by, and he decided he would get baptized. Praise the Lord for converts who obey the Lord!

I do try to go out once in a while on one of our bus routes. I was with Rick Capps on his route this past week. Most of our communities in this area, like many communities across the nation, have immigrants from many countries. This day I was able to witness to a man from the Congo. Though he did not get saved, I was once again reminded that God has brought the mission field to the U.S. We just need to go out there and find them. On that same day, Brother Rick was able to lead the dad of one of the bus riders to Christ. This man was so ready to receive the Gospel.

You may be wondering why I have this picture in the letter. For the grandchildren that live near us, I make a practice of going on dates with one grandchild at a time. Normally, I get them a donut while I run some errands. I have been doing this with Susanna’s three oldest children. The next one, Meg, is now two years old, but I had not taken her on any dates yet. About a week ago, I mentioned to Linda that I thought Meg was becoming aware that the other three had something special going with Grandpa and that soon I would need to include her on these dates. Thursday of this past week, I had a date with each of the three oldest on the same day. After coming back to the house, I had to care for some business in another room. As I came out of the room, I found Meg, coat and shoes in hand, letting me know she wanted in on this special time. My wife took this picture.

Here is the thought I had as I looked at this picture. I wonder if God is looking for some of His children to be waiting with coat and shoes in hand, willing to go with Him wherever He leads them, so they can receive the same blessings others who have followed Him have received. How about YOU? Are you ready to go ANYWHERE with the Father?

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle