James Belisle Prayer Letter:  Six Cities and Five Churches in ArgentinaAugust and September were quite busy. I started off the month by being with the FBMI Leadership Team for the annual meeting in which we plan out what we would like to accomplish with our FBMI missionaries during the next year. It is great to be with servants of God who have a vision. I always come away from this meeting excited about the possibilities we have by serving such a great God.

I was then in the final stages of planning for the Marion Avenue Baptist Church Missions Conference. We had eight missionaries come this year, and once again, we were impressed with the vision Christ has given them for the field to which they are going. Our church has an International Supper, for which we are challenged to wear clothing from the countries we represent. Here we are with our Nigerian clothes, getting ready for the meal.

For almost three weeks in September, I was in the country of Argentina. Due to the nature of my ministry, I am not limited to being with just missionaries from one agency. Plus, I have gotten to know a number of great pastors from the various countries where I have ministered. Such was the case on this trip. I landed in Argentina on Friday, August 31. On Saturday, I preached in the city of Famailliá for Pastor Jose. Sunday through Thursday, I was with Missionary Brian George at the Bethel Baptist Church in Tucumán. I taught, along with Brother Mark Bosje, in the college run by the church and preached their midweek service. We honored Brian and his wife Liesl for 25 years of faithful service with FBMI.

I then traveled to Santiago del Estero to preach for Pastor Jose Luis on a Friday and Saturday. He has labored there for seven years. I taught on soul winning, as well as preached the evening services. From there, after preaching in Tucumán again, Bro. George and I went to Beleėn to preach for Pastor Pablo Diaz on a Tuesday and Wednesday. He and his family have faithfully served the Lord for nine years in this needy area. He celebrated the church’s nine-year anniversary while we were with him. Here is a picture of Pablo Diaz, his family, Brother Brian George, our driver Lorenzo, and me enjoying a meal together. I finished my trip by preaching in a new church in the city of Monteros. This map shows my travels during these days in which, at last count, 30 souls were saved.

Please pray for my next trip to Nigeria, which takes place October 11–25.

Serving on your behalf,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle