James Belisle Prayer Letter: Rejoicing in God's BlessingsYear Filled with Blessings

The year 2019 was another year in which God graciously allowed me to be used by Him to help ministries around the world. I had the privilege of taking six trips to five different countries last year. My first trip was to the Dominican Republic, where I was able to preach for Missionary Andres Amoros. This was my first time to this country. The primary purpose of this trip was to emphasize missions to his church and to the pastors who attended his conference. My next trip was to Nigeria to be with Missionary Mark Holmes and Missionary Dave Maskey. I also preached for a few Nigerian pastors. The emphasis of this trip was in the area of leadership and soul winning. Many pastors came to the conferences. Then in July, I was able to be a part of a missions trip hosted by our church. Twelve men and one lady went to Egypt for the sole purpose of being an encouragement to pastors and their people who serve in countries antagonistic to the Gospel. We were certainly challenged by their dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I returned to Argentina in September, where I was able to preach in five churches and teach in the Bethel Baptist Seminary, a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church in Tucuman. I then went back to Nigeria to once again be with Missionaries Mark Holmes and Dave Maskey. We were in different cities than earlier in the year so we could have regional Soul-Winning and Leadership Conferences. My last trip took me to the Philippines, where I was with Pastor Weindell Biernesa. I preached his Missions Conference. Many pastors and church workers were at the conference. It was great to see old pastor friends, many of whom I have preached for in the past. I thank God for His protection as I traveled 80,000 miles in the air and many thousands of miles on our own roads here in the U.S.

I ended the year by participating once again in our church’s Live Animal Christmas Play. This ministry attracted over 5,500 individual persons to attend one of our nine different showings. We have a dedicated showing for special-needs people, one for just our Washington County residents, one for just our Bus Ministry, two reserved showings for large groups of ten or more, and four showings for the general public. We were able to see over 400 saved during the six days and nine showings. To God be the glory!

Personal Milestones

Last year I celebrated my 65th birthday. I praise the Lord for keeping me healthy enough so I can continue this ministry of missionary evangelism. This was also the year Linda and I celebrated 40 years of marriage. And finally, it was the year I celebrated 45 years of being saved. Needless to say, I have so much to be thankful for. God has been so good.

2020 Trips

Please pray as I plan trips to Nigeria (March and October), Mexico (May), Central America (Lord willing, to four countries in June), and Argentina (September). Pray for safety, for God’s power, and for God’s provision and wisdom in the messages I preach and the scheduling of flights and meetings. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to those who pray for me and this ministry. My goal is to keep missionaries on the field and nationals fired up to serve God in their respective countries.

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle