James Belisle Prayer Letter: Plans and Projects for 2019Play

As is the case with most years, I was able to participate in our church’s Live Animal Christmas Play that takes place in December each year. This is not your typical children’s play but a full-blown production with special effects and mostly adult church members. Each year thousands of people come to our little village of around 7,000 people to see this play. This year was no different, with over 5,000 seeing the play and over 350 of those people trusting Christ as their Saviour. We turned away so many people last year that we added a showing on a Tuesday evening just for special-needs people. So we had showings on Tuesday night, Friday night, three times on Saturday, and three times on Sunday. At each showing, our pastor preached the Gospel to those attending. What a blessing it was to be a part of this great opportunity.

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I cannot thank enough those of you who pray for me and support me as I take my trips overseas to work with both missionaries and pastors. And, of course, those same prayers and support help me minister to many churches here in the States. I was able to take four foreign trips to three different countries last year. In Nigeria I was in four different cities, preaching to seven different churches. In Argentina I was in six different cities, preaching in five churches and one college. In Canada I was in one church. In most of these meetings, I am preaching/training either future or present pastors. In one, I had the opportunity of helping in the establishment of a new church. While in others, I was there to encourage pastors and their people through preaching and soul winning. Praise the Lord for the many souls saved and churches edified!


At this writing, I am planning a minimum of four overseas trips to three different countries. I am also in contact with a pastor and missionary trying to take two more trips to another two countries. In fact, when you receive this prayer letter, I will most likely be on my first trip to the Dominican Republic. I leave on Monday, February 18, and return on Wednesday, February 27. This meeting will have upwards of 50 pastors. Please pray for God’s power on the messages and safety in my travels.


We all know the ungodly effect evolution has had on the people of our country. In Nigeria, that has not been the case for the most part. However, I was informed on my last trip there in 2018 that this wicked philosophy is now being taught as fact to the young people in the universities. I created a simple booklet many years ago entitled Creation Versus Evolution and sold it cheaply as I traveled here in the U.S. There is a printer in Nigeria who is willing to print this booklet so we will have it for the conferences where I will be preaching. We would like to print 500 at a time. Our purpose is to get them to the pastors who have ministries in the universities. I would like to raise $500.00 so I can give this printer the go ahead to print these in order to have them when I go to Nigeria this May. If you could help with this project, I would sure appreciate it. Just send any gift to the support address below, and write “Creation” in the note field. I will use whatever comes in to get this booklet to as many young people as possible.

Thanks again to those who faithfully pray for me.

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle