James Belisle Prayer Letter:  My Trip to ArgentinaI praise the Lord for again allowing me to travel to Argentina so I could help some missionaries and national pastors in their churches. I arrived in Tucuman, Argentina, on Saturday, September 17, where I would be teaching in the seminary, a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church, and preaching in four different churches. The next day I preached the morning services for Pastor Rodrigo Contrares. In the evening I preached for Missionary Brian George at Bethel Baptist Church. Pictures to the right show Pastor Rodrigo with his family and Brother Brian. I then taught in the seminary for a week.

One day while out soul winning with Brother George and some men of the church, I met a young man who was feeding a horse on the side of the street. We had passed him earlier while visiting at other houses, but I was impressed to talk with him as we came back through the same area. He had trouble with drugs and had already been in a home for addicts, so he realized he needed something in his life. Praise the Lord! He willingly trusted Christ as his Saviour!

That night Brian and I traveled about one hour away to preach for Pastor Jose. He has been going to different parts of his city to hold evangelistic street meetings and wanted to stir up his people to help in this endeavor. We had a good turnout, and the pastor felt that the message I preached was exactly what his people needed.

On Sunday morning Missionary Simeon Hudson took me out to another area of Tucuman so I could preach at a new church just being started. They have been going to this area because there is a man from Bethel Baptist who has a burden to see a church established there. This is exactly the kind of ministry Brother Hudson came to Argentina to be involved in—helping men start churches. These pictures show Pastor Jose with his family and Simeon with his wife.

I left Tucuman on Monday morning for the city of LaPlata so I could teach for a couple of days about finances in the seminary run by Lighthouse Baptist Church. We had a great turnout for the lessons, and Missionary Josh Smith told me many people were helped. Here is a picture of just a few of the students. I was told a total of 19 souls were saved in the services where I preached. I also was able to lead 2 souls to Christ while out soul winning. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

James Belisle