James Belisle Prayer Letter:  Missions in the United StatesWith all the talk in this country regarding Islamic terrorism, if we Christians are not careful, we can focus more on terrorism than on the souls of Muslims we meet. I was on a plane recently when the Lord allowed me to sit by a Muslim. This man lives here in the United States but as a doctor travels often to Nigeria. Once we got acquainted and he knew I was a preacher, he asked me about my faith, specifically about the Trinity. I was able to take time to explain to him this important doctrine, using our human makeup (body, soul, and spirit = three in one) as an illustration. I also took the time to preach the Gospel. Though this man did not get saved, he thanked me for taking the time to explain this doctrine to him. He also made a startling and sad statement. He told me he had often asked Christians to explain the Trinity to him. He said most Christians did not even try to explain the doctrine to him, and sadly some just told him he would not understand, so they said nothing. Oh, that we would know our Bible well enough so we could explain what we believe to the lost! Oh, that we would have love and compassion for people who are in spiritual bondage!

Not too long ago while Linda and I were back at our home church, we were able to have a new couple over for Sunday lunch. In the process of our conversation, the husband was very interested in what the Bible had to say about baptism. He had not been raised in a Baptist church. In the process of talking with him, he admitted he and his wife had never been scripturally baptized. He was very hungry to hear what the Bible had to say on the subject. A few weeks later, his wife got saved, and they both wanted to be baptized. They asked that either I or our pastor do the baptism. I was pleased to baptize them and was blessed that they felt I had part in helping them understand the Bible. Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit!

Because our country allows people from all over the world to live here, we do not have to go overseas to do mission work. This past Saturday I was glad to go soul winning on a bus route. We visited in an apartment complex where we met a young couple from Togo. Though they had a religious background, they were not attending church and had never heard the Gospel. I had the privilege to lead both of them to Christ. Let us take advantage of witnessing to those God brings to us from other countries.

On a personal front, many of you do not know that Linda has been challenged with some skin cancer. Last July she was told she had basal cell skin cancer on her nose. Of course, we were concerned, so she had surgery to remove the cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer returned close to the same area in December. When they removed the cancer, we were told the cancer was still basal cell, but it was an invasive kind, meaning it spreads like an octopus. Obviously, that was not the results we wanted to hear, so we are asking you to pray that God would completely heal her. We know that He is the Great Physician!

Please pray with me about a trip I plan to take to Nigeria in April. I will again be with Missionary Mark Holmes. We will preach a Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference together. I will also be in at least two other churches during my stay. Thank you once again for your prayers and support.

James and Linda Belisle