James Belisle Prayer Letter: Missions ConferencePlans for September

It will be easy to write this prayer letter, since we just ended our 2016 Faith Promise Missions Conference. But before I get to that, I will update you on what has been happening in other areas. I was able to finalize plans for my trip to Argentina in September. I will be preaching in two different cities. I leave for Argentina on Friday, September 16, and land in Tucuman on Saturday afternoon to be with Missionary Larry Owens and Missionary Brian George. For this portion of the trip, I would like to ask you to pray for God’s power, as I not only preach in Larry’s church, but I also teach in the seminary for a week and then preach in at least three other churches that have been started by graduates of the seminary. I will also be meeting with the four missionary families in that city. I will see Missionary Dennis Young for the first time in many years. I met Dennis during my years at Hyles-Anderson College. I will then be in LaPlata, Argentina, to teach in another seminary and church. Pastor Jorge is a good friend of mine who asked me to extend my trip so I could teach his students. Missionary Josh Smith will be my interpreter.

The week prior to my trip to Argentina, I will be flying up to Fairbanks, Alaska, to be with my daughter, her husband, and their newborn son James. He was born two weeks early; his due date was August 30, but both Beth Ann and James are doing fine. Linda is already there to help my daughter. At the same time, I will be reporting back to the Bible Baptist Church. They have supported me for 15 years, and this will be my first time to report back to the church. It will be great to see Pastor Duffett and his people after all these years.

God’s Perfect Timing

Theses last two months, I have been very busy preparing for our missions conference. Leading up to the conference, we had a special church-wide soul-winning day. Though I was not able to be on the bus going to a nearby city, I was able to meet the bus and participate in soul winning. My soul-winning partner and I met a young lady and her great-grandmother while visiting some condos. The grandmother invited us into her condo, so we were able to witness to both of them. The grandmother gave a testimony of salvation, but her great-granddaughter was not saved. An aunt arrived just as I had started to witness to the girl, but she did not interfere with me and later gave a testimony of salvation. Thankfully, the girl listened carefully and trusted Christ for salvation. Once she was saved, she told us that she and her mother had just moved back into that area from another Iowa community. She also told us they did not live with her grandmother but was just visiting there that night. I would say God has perfect timing! Amen!

MABC Missions Conference

We had a wonderful conference with (from the top) Missionaries Chad Inman, Steve Frey, Brent Hoffman, Ryan Nez, Mike Morrissey, Brian Nibbe Jr., Osmin Gutierrez, and their families. God met with us in every service. If you are looking for good missionaries to support, you should contact any one of these fine families. Thank you again for your love, prayers, and support.

James and Linda Belisle