James Belisle Prayer Letter:  Helping in IrelandLinda and I just got back from Ireland, where I was overseeing a church started by Missionary Keith Hamilton and his wife around eight years ago. They are taking their first furlough, and I had the privilege of preaching for him in his absence. Linda and I were there for one month, filling in until another missionary couple took over for the rest of the time the Hamiltons are back here in this country. This is one of the opportunities I have of helping missionaries, and it is all because of the faithful support I have been receiving for over 20 years! During our time there, I preached all the Sunday and Wednesday services. We were able to hand out literature and witness to people. We praise the Lord for the 5 visitors who came to church. Though none got saved that we know of, we pray the seed planted will take root in the future.

In the beginning of June, I fell off a ladder while working in our backyard and landed on our patio’s concrete floor. This resulted in me going to the hospital to get x-rays. The x-rays showed I had cracked one of my ribs. That very weekend I somehow gave a short, five-minute devotional at our church during Sunday school. We were visiting another church while traveling the next weekend, and the pastor asked me to preach. I labored mightily as I preached with the rib fracture, making it difficult to breathe properly. I still have some pain in the chest area; but, thankfully, I am back to preaching without difficulty. Once again, I thank you for praying for me. I could have had a much worse injury.

During July, I was able to preach at our home church in our pastor’s absence, and God blessed with many decisions made at the altar. Linda and I then went to Indiana to help at the FBMI Candidate School held at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. We had a wonderful group of missionaries there, and I was able to teach in some of the classes. We ended the month of July with me preaching in a church whose pastor and wife were teenagers at our home church when we first started this ministry. What a blessing it was to fellowship with them while eating at the local diner. We should always be thankful for the young people who go forward for God.

August started off with me being able to preach to a group of adults who came to church for one of our big days. Praise the Lord for the 4 people who got saved during the service! One lady came with her daughter and grandchildren. She smiled and shook my hand when I asked her if she had gotten saved and then thanked me for preaching the Gospel. God saves all ages, Amen! The weekend of August 11-14, I was in Toronto preaching at a Bible conference emphasizing God’s grace in our lives. I preached four times on Saturday and then another four times on Sunday. I received many comments from those attending on how the preaching helped them in specific areas. One raised his hand for salvation, though I did not get a chance to talk with him after the service.

We would appreciate your prayers for us as we travel. From the last week of September to the middle of November, I will be preaching in two revivals, two missions conferences, and two Missions-Emphasis Sundays. Also, pray that I can get back to Argentina in November and early December. There are a few details to be worked out.

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle