James Belisle Prayer Letter:  Explaining the MinistryThough I have been in this ministry of missionary evangelism for over 19 years, I still get asked periodically what it is that I actually do. In other words, “What is the ministry of missionary evangelism?” In this letter I thought I would give you an example of what I have done in the past, as well as what I am doing now.

The first and foremost aspect of this ministry is offering my services as an evangelist to missionaries and national pastors around the world at no cost to them. That is the reason I raise monthly support from churches here in the U.S. My ministry is primarily a preaching ministry. Though most of my meetings have been evangelistic in nature, such as revivals, soul winning, public school meetings, and citywide campaigns, God has also allowed me to preach soul-winning conferences, family conferences, and leadership conferences and to teach in Bible colleges in various countries. When I have had enough support, I have also been able to oversee a missionary’s church for a month or two so the missionary could travel back to the States. What a blessing it is to help missionaries in these types of circumstances. At various times in the past, I have also been able to help churches that were without a pastor by filling the pulpit as they search for the next pastor. What a blessing I have had in ministering to the needs of God’s people as they go through this difficult time.

God expanded my ministry in 2004 when I started working with Fundamental Baptist Missions International (FBMI), presenting this local-church mission board to churches around the nation. Then a few years back, Dr. Siemer, who oversees the Field Service Coordinators for the mission board, asked me to be the Field Service Coordinator for the Western Hemisphere. In this capacity I maintain contact with all of the FBMI missionaries in the Western Hemisphere. This includes reading their prayer letters so I can pray for them and the needs they present, listening to them as they have questions regarding the ministry, and helping them with problems. Recently I worked with a number of missionaries regarding questions they had with their finances. I try to be a liaison between the missionary and pastors when the pastors have questions about prayer letters or even in how to contact the missionary. I count it an honor to help our missionaries.

Of course, I continue to take trips to other countries so I can work with missionaries and national pastors. I also go soul winning as I serve our missionaries. Here in Washington, I went soul winning with my wife, and we ran across a young lady who, in the past, had come to our church as a bus kid and had recently come again. We had a pleasant talk, and though she thought Heaven would be her home, she still allowed me to share with her the Gospel. Thankfully, she got saved! Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for us as you think of it, and thank you for your support of this ministry.

James and Linda Belisle