James Belisle Prayer Letter:  Divine AppointmentsDear Friends,

Personal: As I stated in my last letter, Linda and I spent a lot of time in Kentucky for the birth of our first granddaughter Abigail. Linda was there for a total of six weeks. I was there on and off between my preaching engagements. Linda enjoyed herself as she cared for her “baby” while Beth Ann (her baby) cared for her newborn. I was just there for moral support.

Home Church: The minute Linda and I got back to Iowa from Kentucky, we prepared for the annual Our Time Youth Conference held at the Marion Avenue Baptist Church in April. In fact, we arrived home on Tuesday night, April 8, and the conference started Thursday afternoon, April 10. Since I had been gone most of the previous month, I only helped with the ushering and bringing one of the preachers to the airport after the conference was over. Once again we had hundreds of young people here from many states hearing the preaching from many young men of God. Most of the preachers are 40 years of age and younger but are being used of God in their respective ministries. The last service was amazing, as the majority of the young people decided they would go through the door of serving God regardless of the difficulties they have to face. We praise the Lord for those who got saved as well. AMEN!

Travels: At the youth conference, I was asked by my friend, Pastor Bill Reeves, to come and teach on missions for one week at his new Bible college, Great Plains Baptist College. This college is a ministry of the North Platte Baptist Church. Linda and I went out there for the last week of April, and I enjoyed teaching the students. It was a challenge to me since I had never taught a whole week on missions. I felt like I was cramming for my own final exam. I preached the Wednesday service and also Sunday school and the evening service at the church. Linda also spoke at their Mother-Daughter Banquet.

Divine Appointments: I went soul winning with one of the men of the church while in Nebraska. We stopped at one house and found a young couple home. They said they had just moved to that part of town one month ago and had not found a church to attend. They wanted to come on the bus for church; but before we left we were invited in, and I was able to lead them to Christ. Both of them came on the bus to the services the next day. Praise the Lord! I was in my home church on a Sunday morning and was asked to talk with a visiting lady and man. The lady was there to see her children, who had gotten saved the previous week, get baptized. Because of some confusion, the children were not at the baptistery when the other people were being baptized. However, because of the delay, that gave me enough time to lead the lady to Christ. God’s timing is perfect!

Pray: I will be involved in teaching at the FBMI Candidate School from June 2 – 6. I then leave on June 12 for Poland to be with Missionary Paul Sock. I will be there until June 18, and then I go to Italy to be with Missionary Chris Yetzer until June 23. I return to the States on June 24.

James Belisle