James Belisle Prayer Letter:  Conferences, Visitors, and Soul WinningAfter getting back from Nigeria in May, I immediately went to Indiana to teach in the FBMI Candidate School, which is held each year for the new missionary candidates. This is an intensive four days of training where these potential missionaries are given the tools to have a successful deputation time so they can get to the field as quickly as possible. Also attending were some veteran missionaries who recently joined the FBMI team. It is a blessing to see there are still committed people who are willing to forsake the comforts of their country to reach people in other lands. In July, FBMI also had a 2½-day meeting called Missions University. This was a meeting for those already on deputation, those on furlough, or those who just came into the FBMI family. This meeting was for the new missionaries to get further training and for all missionaries to get ideas from their fellow missionaries. The Bible talks about iron sharpening iron, and that is what this meeting was all about. Missionaries were given the opportunity to share the successes of the ministry with their fellow missionaries. It was a great time of encouragement and challenge for those who have dedicated their lives to serve the Lord in other countries.

Linda and I were able to attend a couple of conferences during May and June. One was a Spiritual Warfare Conference with Pastor Marvin Smith, and the other was a Soul-Winning Conference with Dr. Tom Wallace. While putting into practice what we learned at the conference, I had a chance to talk with a young man from China. This young man allowed us to come into his apartment and listened very carefully to the Gospel. When I offered him a chance to get saved, he said, “I am sure you could save me.” When I explained I could not save anyone, he explained his statement by saying he could tell I really believed what I was teaching him. How convicting that was! May I always have a heart of compassion as I witness to people! On another day, I was trying to win a young lady to Christ when she was interrupted by a baby she was watching for a friend. Thankfully, Mom allowed me to talk to her son, so I was able to lead him to Christ.

We were at our home church when they had Rodeo Sunday. I talked to a young man out in front of the church, found out that he was already saved, and invited him to come to the special day. I was blessed to see that young man come and bring a friend with him. I also invited one of our neighbors and found out later that he came to the service. Part of soul winning is follow-up, and I am glad I am able to help my home church by encouraging those who either get saved or visit the church to continue to come to church. I thank God that some of those whom I have visited have continued to come to church so their lives can be transformed by the Word of God.

Linda and I were able to go to Alaska so we could see our tenth grandchild Joshua, who was born while we were there. While in Alaska, I was able to report back to and preach in a supporting church, Bible Baptist Church, located in Fairbanks.

Please pray for God to use me on my upcoming trip to Argentina. I leave August 30 and will be preaching in five churches in four different cities in Argentina. I will return home September 18 and then immediately go to Michigan to preach for some pastors. I will then prepare for my next trip to Nigeria, which will take place in October. Thank you again for your prayers on my behalf.

Reaching the world,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle