James and Linda Belisle Prayer Letter: Conferences and RevivalsThank you so much for praying for us, as we have been very busy these last three months. We are thankful that God protected us while we traveled out East. Our first stop was actually on our way out to New York when we took a slight detour so we could meet up with my youngest sister and her husband in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. I had not seen them in 20 years, so this was a very special meeting. Though our meeting was short, we had a wonderful time talking about our respective families.

We were so blessed to be in western New York with Pastor Kohl of the Faith Bible Baptist Church and Pastor Burke of the Victory Baptist Church. I also preached in a mission church that is being started by Pastor Kohl and met for lunch with Pastor Travis Lewis, who was a missionary to the Philippines for many years. We then took a quick trip to the eastern part of the state so we could see my three sisters, who still live in my hometown area.

On our way back west, I preached a Missions-Emphasis Weekend for the Temple Baptist Church of Muncie, Indiana. The pastor is Ben Lang, a son of Pastor Steve Lang, whom I have preached for many times through the years. We praise the Lord that the people increased their commitments to missions substantially. Then we headed up to preach a revival for Ben’s dad, Steve Lang, at the Hope Bible Baptist Church in Maple Rapids, Michigan. During the revival, it was a blessing to go out soul winning with Brother Lang and see two souls saved. While with Brother Steve, his church did something for me that has never happened before. The pastor and his wife took us out so they could buy a brand-new suit for me. They also bought a new dress and other items for Linda. Here we are with the Langs at the church wearing the new clothes. We were so surprised by their generosity. Thank you, Brother Lang and the fine folks of the Hope Bible Baptist Church!

A few days after returning from Michigan, Linda and I flew down to Belize so I could preach for Missionary Israel Alvarez. Israel and Tanya went there 12 years ago and started a church. They have been able to buy property and build a nice church building, as well as a house for their family. Then three years ago, they started another church about one hour away from their first church. I preached a Missions Conference in the first church and then the anniversary service for the second church. Here we are prior to cutting the cake. We saw six saved on the Anniversary Sunday. You can see how much we need your prayers. Please continue praying.

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle