thumbnail of Ian Vincent March 2021 Prayer LetterThe Youth Camp, March 29 – April 2, was a great success! I’m amazed once again at God’s provisions! A good business friend of mine, together with his friends, was very instrumental in helping us reach our fundraising goal of $1,085. This covered the travel and food expenses for the entire group of 104 people, but then God gave us over and beyond what we needed! In total for our fundraiser, we received $1,850! This covered the registration fees of each young person, and we were even able to buy some extra tents. The end result of this Youth Camp was 8 baptized, and most of those baptized were saved at the Youth Camp. We were also able to establish 2 more chapels in our town.

In March, we were able to take part in a Missions Conference at Bible Baptist Church of Jefferson City, Missouri, pastored by Randy Dignan. My Christian life has come full circle in a way. I remember as a young man, I went to Youth Conferences where Pastor Randy Dignan was a speaker, and it was there that I surrendered my life to full-time Christian service. Now, nearly 10 years later, I’m a speaker at his Missions Conference.

During the question-and-answer session with all the missionaries and church members, Drew Kissock, the young man pictured on the right, made a surprising statement instead of asking a question. He made the announcement that the Lord was working on his heart to be a missionary to the deaf! I am sure that the Lord had touched his heart on being a missionary to the deaf because there is a large congregation of deaf at Pastor Dignan’s church and because a missionary to the deaf was one of the speakers at the conference. Sometimes, we might forget that there are deaf people all over the world who are just as lost and without Jesus as the hearing.

Please pray that Drew Kissock will fulfill God’s call on his life. Please pray that God will continue to help my family and me to be a blessing and a help to every church that we go to.

All to Jesus I surrender,

Ian & Czarinna Vincent