Ian and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter: The Gospel Is Not Restricted!June 9-11, we were able to help our home church with a mini-youth camp event called Cola Clash; it was a great event with fun and games and, more importantly, preaching services. Praise the Lord, there were kids who were saved each day! I was able to lead three young men to the Lord, and Czarinna got to lead one young girl to the Lord as well.

Having the opportunity to witness to these three young men reminded me of two different things: how incredibly diverse America is and how the Gospel is not restricted to any one people group! On three different days, I got to lead boys from three widely different backgrounds to the Lord. What surprised me the most was that this Asian boy identified as part of the Karen (Kah-Ren) ethnic people group from Thailand. The Karen people live on the Thailand-Burma border and have no land or country to call their own. Their population is over 5 million, and I found out that there are about 400 Karen people that have migrated from refugee camps in Thailand and Burma and have settled here in my hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky! It goes to show that you don’t need to take a missions trip just to have an opportunity to witness to people of different languages and countries, because those people might already be living in your hometown.

On June 21, I was able to speak on Faith Music Radio, home of Faith Music Missions in Evansville, Indiana, with its founder, Bro. Gayle Russ. I’ve had some experience speaking on the radio in the Philippines, but I had always wanted to speak on Faith Music Radio. I have listened to Faith Music Radio for years, and to be able to speak on it was a dream come true.

Praise the Lord for the many different ways that we can be a witness for God!

Jesus loves the children of the world,

Ian & Czarinna Vincent