Ian and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter: Helping to Assemble God's WordIn February, we were once again privileged to be able to help our home and sending church, Greater Vision Baptist Church, assemble and collate 15,000 John and Romans booklets. We were able to do 10,000 John and Romans for Guatemala and 5,000 John and Romans for Paraguay. It is such a great experience to be able to put together the Word of God and to know that the missionaries in these two countries will be able to put them to great use! This is the fourth time in my life that I have directly been able to handle and put together God’s Word in a foreign language. As Americans, let us always be grateful that we can own multiple copies of God’s Word in our own language, because other countries with other languages cannot afford that type of luxury.

In March, we were able to preach and present in two different churches in Ohio. One of those churches was Grace Baptist Church in Delaware, Ohio, pastored by John Waterhouse. Coincidentally, two months earlier, we were at a church near St. Louis, Missouri, that is pastored by Matt Waterhouse. It is amazing how God works! We were at two different churches pastored by two brothers. What’s even more amazing is that the assistant pastor at Grace Baptist Church, Garret Lamb, who set up the meeting with us, said that he remembered me when I was at his dad’s church for their Missions Conference back in 2012. That was 10 years ago when Bro. Garret Lamb was just in grade school and I was still a single man at that time! What a great encouragement it is to me to know that even on deputation as a single man, I was able to make a lasting impact on this young man’s life. I pray that this will always be the case in whatever church that my family gets to be in, whether on deputation or furlough. What a blessing it is to be a missionary and make lasting relationships with Christians who want to win the world for Christ!

Impact your world,

Ian and Czarinna Vincent