thumbnail of Ian Vincent Sep-Oct 2022 Prayer Letter – RIan and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter: A Family of Four Now!evisedTen years ago, I started out as a missionary by myself, and now I’m very happy to tell you that I have a family of four now. I would like to introduce to you Franco Briley Vincent, born on September 17, 2022, at 8:37 a.m.! Czarinna originally had a C-section scheduled for September 16, but her doctor had to move it to September 19 because she was going to be out of town. However, early in the morning of the 16th, Czarinna started having contractions, and by afternoon, they were strong enough that we went to the hospital. Seventeen hours later, Franco Briley Vincent was born by natural birth. Czarinna and I had prayed for a natural birth instead of a C-section; and, praise the Lord, He answered our prayers the day after Franco was supposed to be born by C-section.

Pray for us as we all adjust to being a family of four now. Please do also pray for Czarinna’s recovery after giving birth, as she is still experiencing some pain. One week after Franco was born, we celebrated Edward’s 3rd birthday on September 24! What a blessing it is to raise two boys in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

The last meeting we had before Franco was born was in August at Gospel Light Baptist Church’s Missions Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Please pray for our next meeting, as we take part in a Missions Conference in Ohio October 30 – November 2, which works out well, as Franco will be six weeks old at that time and should be healthy and fit to travel. Of course, please always pray for our good health and traveling mercies during our travels. As a matter of fact, we are coming up on our one-year anniversary of getting COVID on October 13! That was a very difficult time for us, as we had to quarantine in a hotel for nearly three weeks, but we are reminded of God’s grace and mercy, as He took care of our every need during that time. Keep praying for us, as we are hoping to end our deputation within a few months; we only need a few more churches to take us on for support.

Building a household of faith,

Ian and Czarinna Vincent