Ian and Czarinna Prayer Letter: Grateful for God's BlessingsAfter my family and I recovered from COVID and finished our last meetings out in the Pacific Northwest, we were very glad to take a little rest at our home base in Kentucky. We made it back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. November and December are always one of my favorite times of the year because I get to celebrate my birthday and enjoy the festivities of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

However, December was quite a turbulent month, with a tornado in Kentucky and a typhoon in the Philippines. On December 10, there was a record-breaking tornado that hit 30 miles south of where we live, but unfortunately, my grandparents’ house, as well as my grandaunt’s house, were completely destroyed. Thankfully, my relatives made it out alive, but do pray for them, as they lost all of their possessions.

One week later on December 16, Super Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines and made a direct hit on our island of Negros Occidental. It knocked out the electricity for many people. Within a week, most of the towns in our province had power back for Christmas Eve; however, those who live in the mountains and in villages far from the town centers, have had to wait longer to get their power back on. As a matter of fact, Czarinna’s mother had to spend New Year’s Day without power at her house. Please pray for those who were affected by this super typhoon. We were able to do a small fundraiser and send some money to buy food and groceries for some of our church members; we also sent some to a church in the southern part of our island as relief goods.

While at our home church in Kentucky, we were able to help with a Christmas Extravaganza, which helped kids go shopping for Christmas gifts for their families. We praise the Lord that my wife and I were able to tell two kids about the gift of everlasting life, and they gladly accepted it.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble,

Ian & Czarinna Vincent