Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  Wonderful Advances in the Ministry in El SalvadorAs we approach the second half of this calendar year, I am both encouraged by the wonderful advances made in the ministry here in El Salvador and challenged to move forward during the next month as we endeavor to preach the Gospel.

I returned, after being gone for two months, to find a thriving ministry with faithful people serving God. The attendance declined markedly while I was out of the country during the month of January and part of February. Upon returning, I began teaching and preaching on having our focus on Christ in every area of ministry and in our personal lives. God has worked in the church and families. We have had six baptisms this year, and hundreds have come to Christ for salvation through personal soul-winning efforts. Many have visited for the first time. Attendance has come up past the number attending when I left in late December.

There are new workers in Sunday school and on our bus routes. A new afternoon program for the young teens has been started in an effort to keep them out of gangs and in church through their teen years and into their young adult life. Please pray for this effort, for these young people. They are the future of world evangelism.

The Bible institute is in full swing, anticipating five graduates in December. Please pray for this ministry in particular. Many young men across the country are being called to serve the Lord full-time and need to be trained. Please pray that the Lord would lead them and that they would follow.

A new opportunity has presented itself, and I believe we need to take it. There are two families in our church with young school-aged children who have expressed the desire to have a solid Christian education for their children. While there are several Christian schools in our city, most, if not all, are too expensive for our people to send their children to. As of right now, there are five children whose parents have committed to enrolling them in school in January—if we start a school. Please consider helping financially, as we need $4,400.00 to set up and start school in January. This amount would cover a part-time salary for a kindergarten teacher, desks, chairs, books, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses. We are asking parents to pay half the cost in monthly tuition installments. These funds that we need to set up would make it possible to have all books available as of the beginning of the school year (January). If you would like to help us in this effort, please call me at 956-283-5490 for more details.

World missions has taken a front seat in the church this year. Our church members have committed to doubling their Faith Promise missions giving. We are taking on four new missionaries this month. Praise the Lord!

Our son Daniel graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in May. We are so very proud of him. He is seeking counsel as to the next steps he needs to take towards going on deputation and then on to the mission field. Please pray for him as he makes decisions and plans. Tommy Joel completed his first semester at college and plans to re-enroll in the fall and will be joined by his sister Brenda. She is very excited about going to Bible college in August.

Thank you for your prayers. We need them more than ever before.

Joyfully in His service,

Henry Gonzalez