Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  Thirteen People Surrender to Full-Time ServiceIn early September, I returned home after being in Oregon and California, preaching in two missions conferences and three other churches. In one of the meetings, there were 13 young people and adults who surrendered to full-time service to Christ. The churches pledged to start or increase their Faith Promise missions giving. I look forward to seeing how the Lord works through these churches and individuals willing to serve Christ.

Upon returning home, I learned that my mother, Maria Irma Gonzalez, had been hospitalized in Los Angeles where she lives. She was released one week later. Four days after that, I received a phone call that she had been readmitted to the hospital and was in critical condition with a bleeding gastric ulcer. I flew back to Los Angeles the next day. She was in the ICU when I arrived late that night. They were having difficulty stopping the bleeding; but, praise the Lord, a few moments later, they were able to stop it. She was in the ICU for three more days and released from the hospital a week later. I stayed with her until she was back on her feet. I am an only child, and it is my great honor and privilege to be able to be there for my mother when she needs me. God has been very good. We said goodbye this morning at the airport. It is never an easy thing to do.

This year has required that our family live in two different continents, three different countries, and four different states within the United States of America; but this year we have been allowed to see our family more than ever. The work and church in El Salvador have continued full steam ahead. The people there express their love for us and that they miss us when we have not been there. They have been very understanding.

In spite of the time away from home, several projects have been able to continue to develop. One is that of starting a Christian school. We are ready to start classes in January with a few students. Please pray that the Ministry of Education proceedings this next school year will go smoothly and that we will have wisdom as we plan the next few months. Three teachers who are members in our church are being a great help as we turn in documents to the MOE. The Bible institute has continued training young people, and we are planning to graduate two students this December.

The church has had several days of high attendance, and we have seen many people saved. Please pray for the last two months of the year. They are the busiest. We have youth camps, our Pastors’ Conference, and the end-of-the-year programs.

On a personal note, we are happy to report that Tommy and Brenda are enjoying their first year at Hyles-Anderson College. They participate in the Bus Ministry and Sunday schools there. They enjoy their classes and college life in general. God has provided a job for each of them that covers most of their college expenses. We are so
thankful for this.

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for sacrificing so that we can remain faithful to God’s calling. Every soul that comes to Christ, every life that is changed, every marriage that is salvaged, every person who is trained for the ministry goes to your eternal heavenly savings account. We are honored to represent you in El Salvador.

Joyfully in His service,

Henry Gonzalez