Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter: The Peace of God Has Been Evident Through It AllI am trusting the Lord to keep you safe and healthy, doing the work of the Lord, during this time of uncertainty. The peace of God has been so evident in our family the last three months as we have done what we could to reach out to our church members, relatives, friends, and even those around us who are not saved.

God has blessed us and helped us help others in financial need. We are grateful for that. We are grateful that, at this time, we have not had to tell anyone in need that we are not able to help. Thank you for having a part in that. We have not had the need to ask for special help to help others; God has provided.

As we begin the third week of reopening the country’s economy, there are two more weeks left in this first phase. Then the government will evaluate whether or not to continue to the next phase. The third phase is when churches will be allowed to meet again. We, as many of you, have been holding online services three times a week, holding Sunday school classes through Zoom, as well as a men’s meeting and a ladies’ meeting once a week on that same platform. We are so thankful that we have this opportunity to connect with the people we love so much.

The government has closed down the schools for the rest of the school year, which ends in late October/early November this year. So, our school has been closed down, and Tammie is trying to help the parents homeschool their children.

The healthcare system here is so underdeveloped that it cannot handle thousands of hospitalizations due to extreme COVID-19-related symptoms. The measures the government has taken seem to have worked toward not overwhelming the already fragile healthcare system. However, with the reopening of factories and other operating businesses, there has been an overwhelming surge of COVID-19 cases. As you may recall, I am from Santa Ana. My family lives here and in other parts of the country. A week ago today, we were notified that my uncle, the man who won me to the Lord 37 years ago, passed away on Sunday, June 22. He had been in the hospital for two weeks with COVID-19. Another church member died on Wednesday from the same virus.

We have a short window of opportunity to use the present circumstances in which we find ourselves to open up a food bank and soup kitchen through our church ministries. We hope to be able to do this within the next two weeks. If you are interested in helping us with this new outreach ministry, please notify us personally at 956-283-5490 or email us. We will gladly let you know how you can best take part in this. We currently have $1,300.00 that has been given toward this new ministry. We are looking for distributors to donate supplies. Some of our church members have given toward this new endeavor.

Please know that we are praying for you. I know that you are going through a difficult time there where you are. One of the mind-blowing aspects of all of this is that we are all being affected by this virus at the same time, worldwide. When there are localized natural disasters or localized epidemics, political unrest, or other needs, we know that we can rely on you to hold us up in prayer or even ask for your extra financial help to endure different crises. This is different. God, and God alone, is to be relied upon. This has been at the very forefront of my thoughts as I pray for you and our people. How wonderful it is that we can always turn to Him!

Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for staying faithful to the Lord through difficult times. God knows. He sees and watches over us. We love you!

Henry González