Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Rejoicing at Being Able to Gather Together AgainQuarantine has ended and . . .

Prior to the reopening of our church facilities, we were able to have a community outreach through the generous donation of one of our supporters; $1,000.00 was donated for food distribution. On Saturday, August 29, we invited 175 families from the area around our church to come and receive a generous bag of groceries; 180 people heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, and 69 people received Christ as Saviour.
We were joyfully able to reopen the church doors to the public for in-person church services on Sunday, August 30. I wish I could explain the excitement of being able to be together once again in the same place as a church and sing together. Seeing the faces of those sitting in the congregation brought a great feeling of joy to their pastor. Six of the people who received groceries and had accepted Christ as Saviour on Saturday were present that day. Three elderly ladies have continued attending on Sunday mornings. This was a wonderful way to reach out to our neighbors.

We are going out soul winning door to door again. Pray for our people. They are gripped with the fear of get-ting sick. It is really affecting our attendance and participation in church activities.

Last Saturday, a group of 15 people from our church traveled to a nearby coastal town of Sonsonate, where we had the privilege of helping a new missionary family canvass their area, passing out tracts, passing out invitations to the new church plant, and going soul winning. The people are more open to listening to the Gospel now. No one refused to listen to us. Everyone was very nice and wanted to know what we were doing. Thirty-one people professed Christ as Saviour while we were out soul winning. The next Sunday, 4 people came to the first church service, and 3 of them were saved. We thank God for this new church plant our church was able to have a small part in launching.

The Department of Education Called . . .

After six months of being unable to communicate with anyone in the Department of Education, one of their representatives called and let us know that they will soon be coming to inspect our church property in order to give permission to proceed with the opening of a Christian school. We are excited about this and look forward to seeing what God has planned for this new endeavor in the church work here in Santa Ana.

Please Pray for . . .

• Our church to grow in number and maturity in their faith in God.
• Us to be able to take advantage of the great and effectual open door to reach more for Christ during this time of uncertainty.
• The prospect of opening the Christian school in January. May God’s perfect will be accomplished for His honor and glory.
• Us to have clear direction from God on how to proceed.

Thank you for remaining faithful, even when I know you are struggling financially. Your generosity has amazed us. God’s provision has humbled us. Your prayers have sustained us. When I read over the names of the churches and individuals who have such a great part in the work here, I am filled with gratitude for you. We are your humble ambassadors. Thank you for all you do to keep us where God wants us to be.

Your friend and co-laborer,

Henry Gonzalez