Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Reaching Out to the Lost in Uncertain Days AheadWe are praying for you. What an honor it is to come before the throne of our King on your behalf. For so many years, you have done the same for us as your ambassadors for Christ to El Salvador. We have often prayed for you as we read over our mailing list and donor list and think of our family and friends we love so very much. Our prayers for you at this time are without ceasing and with much urgency. We love and appreciate you.

We are very grateful to our heavenly Father that we can be here in El Salvador, leading, guiding, comforting, loving, and helping our fellow Christians here, as well as reaching out to the lost in Christ’s love as they face uncertain days ahead. Our church members suggested that we take up donations of non-perishable food for those in greater need than they. Last night we were able to help two families who have been without a steady income for several months to fill their pantries during these times of national quarantine. I am so proud of their love for each other.

We continue soul winning in public places and going to specific homes to visit those who do not know Christ. We will continue to do this as long as the government does not confine us to our homes.

Our church is authorized to hold meetings of no more than 50 in attendance. Last night 43 people came to church. As they entered the church property, as per the recommendation of the Health Department, they were greeted with a bleach-water handwash and the taking of their temperature. I was struck by their happy demeanors and resilience. There were smiles on every face. God’s grace and peace were evident. Praise the Lord!

Saturday morning, we had 12 saved at the main square in town. Yesterday the ladies visited friends and family in their area, and we were able to see one person saved who probably would have been overlooked were it not for our need to modify our routine. God’s ways are far better than ours!

We strive to be a good example to our community in compliance with our government recommendations. It is very disruptive, but I believe it is the right thing for us to do at this time.

We are thankful for your prayers and continued support for the ministry here in El Salvador. We ask that you pray for our daughter, Brenda Carol, as she has chosen, under our direction, to remain on the campus at Hyles-Anderson College during the next couple of weeks. She is being very brave, as her mama and daddy wish she could be in their arms. She has no family close by, but we are thankful for the staff members who watch over her. Please pray that we will have wisdom from God for the future in regards to Brenda’s situation. Our country, her home, is on lockdown and is not allowing flights in or out for two weeks at least.

Thank you for your prayers,

Henry and Tammie Gonzalez