Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Public School EvangelismChristian School

In January 2018, we started a Christian school for the children of our church members. Last year we had 5 students; this year we have 19 enrolled students, ranging from K-4 to 7th grade.
• Please pray that the El Salvador Ministry of Education will approve this project, allowing us to give government-certified education to these children.
• Please pray for much-needed funds for this ministry. We charge less than half of what is necessary to fund the school.

Special Days at Church

In May and June, we celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There were dozens of first-time visitors at both events. We were able to see several people saved, and two of the fathers have continued coming to church after those special days.

In June, we had our Missions Conference. Our good friend, Bro. Nahum Galdamez, a Salvadoran businessman who has applied biblical stewardship to his personal and business finances, spoke three consecutive nights. It was a great blessing to our people, and young people who are college graduates commented that it was a great challenge to them. Our missions giving was increased by 30%. We plan to take on new missionaries and projects to support.

Public School Evangelism

For the past few years, Evangelist Darrel Ratcliff has visited us during the month of August to go into the public schools and preach a clear Gospel message. This year was a great victory. We visited 13 different schools. We preached to 8,466 students and teachers; 6,349 confessed Christ as Saviour. It was a great victory!

Missions Trip

The last week of August, Tammie and I were able to take a missions trip to Jinotega, Nicaragua, where we visited two of our Bible institute graduates. They arrived in Jinotega a year and a half ago, and God has already allowed them to make a great difference for Christ in that town. They have started a church and implemented what they have been taught. We were very encouraged in the Lord as we sat in the services and as I preached the Missions Conference. Nine young people gave their lives to Christ to serve Him with their lives on the last day of the conference. Praise the Lord!

Daniel and Megan

Our son and daughter-in-law arrived the first week of May to spend a few months surveying the country and involving themselves in the work here. They have been a great blessing to us personally and to the church. They have started a new youth ministry on Sunday afternoons, reaching the next generation in our church. In a couple of weeks, they will return to the States and leave a big gap that will need to be filled. Their intentions are to start deputation to return to the field of El Salvador as soon as possible.
• Please pray that God will give me wisdom as to who can continue the ministry that they started.
• Please pray as God directs their pastor and them on the next steps toward deputation and further preparation for the field.

Personal News

Our daughter, Brenda Carol, continues her studies at Hyles-Anderson College this year. It is her junior year there. Please pray for her health, as she found out last semester that she has scoliosis, and it has affected her ability to function as she would like to be able to. We are very happy with the decisions that she has made with her life. Please pray for her.

Thank you, once again, for your faithful support. We desperately need your prayers. You are a lifeline for us. Thank you.

Your friend,

Henry Gonzalez