Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Public School Blitz 2014I wanted to write and include you in on a very special prayer request. I failed to mention this in our last prayer letter. On August 18, we will be starting a 6-day Public School Blitz. Evangelist Darrell Radcliff will be arriving on August 17, and the next day he and teams from our church in Santa Ana will be going into 18 different public schools to preach God’s Word. We have been asked by one school to have a weekly program where we will have access to high school and junior high school young people on a weekly basis. This is a great open door.

Our prayer is that we will reach 10,000 students and teachers with the Gospel best online casino of Jesus Christ. On Saturday, August 23, we will have a school-wide meeting, which the parents will be attending as well as all the staff and students of a school. This was the school principal’s idea. Please pray that we will be effectual witnesses and a conduit of blessing to these precious people.

The response from school officials has been surprising. Where we expected a negative response, we have been received with open doors, great interest, and even gratitude for taking an interest in the students. To quote one administrator, “We are prohibited by law to speak on any religious subject, but you are not. Please feel free to preach the Word of God.” Another said, “Don’t preach religion; tell them how to live moral lives.”

We are very encouraged by this response. Please pray with us and for us as we endeavor to bring honor to Christ’s name at these schools. We are thankful that we can turn to you for prayer.

Joyfully in His service,

Henry Gonzalez