Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter: New School Is Open to the PublicWe are back home after a six-week trip to the States over the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. We were able to see all of our children and spend time with extended family. I have to say that the highlight of the trip was meeting our first grandson. He was born three weeks before the lockdown started in El Salvador. They were in North Carolina. Traveling was not possible for several months. When the borders finally opened up, we made the choice to make the trip during the holiday season. We enjoyed it very much.

While in the States, I was able to preach or teach 14 times in 12 different churches. It was good to see old friends and make new ones. The first week of December, I tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced very mild symptoms. We had to quarantine during that time. Tammie also developed mild symptoms, as did Grace. We are thankful to our Father for His mercy and grace. We sure do not deserve it. We have lost friends and family to the virus, and we do not take our mild cases lightly. We are truly thankful.

Upon our return home to El Salvador on January 9, we were greeted by our faithful co-laborers and a kitchen full of groceries provided by our church here in Santa Ana. We love our church, and we receive many gifts of love from them. God has been too good to us.

The church attendance remained stable during our absence. It was a joy to listen to the men in our church teach and preach on our church Facebook page while we were gone. Bro. Jimmy Trujillo and his wife did an excellent job of leading the church. Once again, I am amazed at God’s goodness to us.

Our church attendance is growing in spite of the precautions we have to take in compliance with government regulations. Our soul-winning group has doubled in number, and each week we see people saved. Every service we have visitors attend. God is growing His work.

Much effort is being poured into our new school, which opens up for classes on February 1. We have operated as a homeschool association for four years, and now we have the approval of MINED, the Ministry of Education of El Salvador, to commence official operations. This has been a very long legal process, with many obstacles that have often made us reconsider the idea of starting a school. Now that we have our permit to open to the public, we are very excited at the prospect of ministry growth through this project.

Please be on the lookout for some opportunities to be our co-laborers in this new ministry. We need your prayers for wisdom in choosing teachers, admitting students, and making a myriad of other decisions. We also need a lot of financial support through student sponsors and donations for the school project.

Please pray for our son Daniel and his wife Megan as they try to get to the field. May God give them wisdom and guide them in every decision that they make.

Please pray for the upcoming Primary Elections here in El Salvador on February 28.

As always, we remind you that if it were not for you, your prayers for us and the work here, and your sacrificial giving to missions, not one of the items in this report would be possible. Thank you for staying faithful to the Lord. You are a great encouragement to us.

Joyfully in His service,

Henry Gonzalez