Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  God's Blessings Abound!Having nine baptisms in three-weeks’ time was a great blessing to our church. We have a very difficult time getting people baptized here. So many are brought up in evangelical churches where there is any number of differing views on baptism. When they come to our church, they accept Christ as Saviour, and we deal with them on the baptism issue, it takes awhile for most to obey God in believer’s baptism. So when 9 different people chose to be baptized, we were overjoyed! Our youngest daughter Grace was the first. We praise the Lord for her and her desire to follow Christ. She said she decided at her granny’s funeral that she wanted to be more like Jesus and Granny and that she would obey God and get baptized. She is afraid of the water, so this was a big step for her.

God answered our prayer for Marlon and Sonia Aguirre. They have been attending church regularly since February. Many attempts were made to explain the Gospel as clearly as possible to them. We prayed earnestly for them to come to Christ. Three weeks ago, they came to church on Sunday. During the invitation, they both raised their hands, indicating a desire for someone to deal with them about salvation. Praise the Lord! They both received Christ that morning! There were tears of joy as we celebrated together! The next Thursday when Tammie went to start the new follow-up lessons with Sonia, her countenance was no longer troubled. There was a peace that only comes from fully trusting in Jesus.

Cesar and Sofia are a young couple I came across while out soul winning three weeks ago. They have two precious children and a growing business. They are both Christians and grew up attending Christian churches in the area. They had stopped attending church and were looking for a church to attend. They accepted the invitation and were able to attend a couples’ activity last Saturday. They were in church on Sunday morning with their babies and last night came to church on their own. There are three new families in our church for whom we thank the Lord, and we pray that they will continue growing in Him.

Please pray for wisdom as we go into the public schools next month. We are praying for a great number of students and teachers to be saved.

Please pray for our grown children as they continue preparing for the ministry in Bible college and in Missionary Candidate School this summer and fall.

Please pray for provision for the new Christian school here in Santa Ana. We look forward to enrolling 7 to 10 students this coming January. Please pray for the certification process to proceed smoothly.

We appreciate your prayers and faithful support. God is good to allow us to serve Him and represent you and your church here in El Salvador.

Joyfully in His service,

Henry Gonzalez