Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  Getting Ready for FurloughWe are 10 days away from starting our 7-week furlough. It is never easy for us to leave the field for an extended period of time like this. We ask that you pray for the works here to prosper in our absence. I am confident in our assistant pastor Jimmy Trujillo’s capability to oversee the work during this time. He has been such a great blessing to our church, and the people really look up to him with much respect. Please pray for him as he fills in for the preaching and teaching and in some other leadership capacities.

Our travels will take us to the Northeastern part of the United States. Most of our deputation in the late 90s was concentrated in the Midwestern and Western states. Out of the 13 churches we are scheduled to visit, only 2 are supporting churches. Please pray that the purpose of this trip—to raise additional support—will be fulfilled.

The past couple of months have been greatly blessed with many souls saved through personal, one-on-one witnessing. There are a couple of young people in our church who have taken the challenge to witness to their classmates and have gone beyond that and even won their school teachers to Christ. What a great encouragement it is to see these young people take this challenge and run with it!

We enjoyed the recent visit of three of our supporting pastors—Pastor Joaquin Hurtado, Pastor Salvador Menjivar, and Pastor Manuel Salazar—all from the Los Angeles, California, area. They had come to visit another fellow missionary in San Salvador and were so gracious to come visit us on Sunday night. What a blessing it was to hear them preach and to be able to show them some of the fruits of their labor and sacrificial giving. What an honor it would be for you to come visit us!

On a personal note, we are thankful to the Lord for bringing Daniel through his first year of Bible college. He is six weeks away from finishing the second semester, and God has been so good to provide for his needs. He has enjoyed it very much, and we are so happy that he has had this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for praying for us, for the ministry here, and for faithfully supporting the work here. We ask that you keep a few things in your prayers concerning the work and our family:

1. For God’s leadership in all that we do here in the work and as we travel during most of April and May
2. For Manases Rivera and Roberto Salguero—these are two of the graduates from our Bible institute who have gone out and are working steadfastly to build good, solid works in other areas of our country. They need financial assistance and prayer.
3. That we would be able to purchase a vehicle to bring back to El Salvador with us
4. That we would be able to provide a way for institute students to work and finance their stay in the dorms

Thank you for praying,

Henry Gonzalez