Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  Back Home on the FieldWe are finally home after being on the road for nine weeks. It is so good to be home. God was so good to our family during our furlough. His care and faithfulness were so evident in every aspect of the trip. Thank you for praying for us.


From the moment we landed in Durham, North Carolina, we were overwhelmed by the love of God´s people for our family. Pastor Marc Johnston, a long-time personal friend, greeted us and welcomed us “home.” We were privileged to be in his church, Iglesia Bautista la Fe, in Durham on several occasions during our trip. They were generously hospitable, helping us with a place to stay, lending us a vehicle in which to visit other churches, and caring for us in many other ways. The church members reflected their pastor´s love for missions in so very many ways. It was a great blessing for our family to get to spend time with them.


God opened our eyes to the great need of missionaries to be sent to the New York area to preach the Gospel. It is a mission field in our own beloved United States of America. The people are very open to the Gospel. It is a soul-winner´s heaven. The main challenge is space in which to meet and build a local church.

One of the fun aspects of our furlough trip was getting to be in churches pastored by our college classmates. Among them were Pastor Mike Pezlac, Pastor Corey Bane, Pastor Albert Lopez, and Pastor Kevin Gerber. It was a great encouragement to be with men who have been faithful in serving the Lord for over 20 years.

In New York we were in a church that has supported us for 19 years: Iglesia Bautista Fundamental of Bay Shore, New York, and Pastor Sergio Ali. They have been through many trials, yet they are a thriving, soul-winning church that loves missions and missionaries. It was an honor for me to preach in a church not far from there that was started by one of the preacher boys trained by Pastor Ali. Pastor Gonzalez was called to preach when I visited Pastor Ali´s church 19 years ago.

We visited 16 churches, 3 of which are supporting churches. Two churches promised to take us on for support. Please continue to pray for more churches to see the need and be able to take us on for support.


We were blessed to get to see our family the last two weeks of our trip. Daniel flew into Texas from Indiana to spend a week with us. During the time we were all together, Tammie’s grandfather, Jess Maynard, stepped into the presence of his Saviour. He was very loved by his family, and we miss him greatly. Please pray for Mrs. Maynard as she adjusts to life without her sweetheart at her side.

Thank you for your continued prayer and faithful support. We pray for you.

Henry Gonzalez and Family