Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  A Working VacationWhere do we begin to tell you of the many blessings our family has received in the last three weeks? Coming to the States for a two-month furlough is comparable to a working vacation. There are so many opportunities to introduce our children to new experiences, both for learning and recreation: museums, restaurants, stores, parks, and the great, wide-open outdoors! Just being able to play outside has been an indescribable treat! We have been welcomed into homes where they have formed quick friendships; and Grace, our youngest, has had several tearful goodbyes.

We are traveling in an area that we did not frequent during our deputation months. The need of reaching the lost for Christ in the United States of America has been made so much more evident to me on this trip. I have had the privilege of being in large churches where they have buildings available in which to meet. They are doing so much to serve God and reach their areas for Christ. They give generously to missions and are evidently being blessed with much fruit for eternity.

I have also had the distinct privilege of meeting in small apartments in the New York City area, under a cloud of fear of being turned in to the city authorities for unlawfully meeting in a private residential area, to preach to a relatively small group of called-out believers and experience something akin to what it must have been to be present in the upper room: total and complete unity of mind and heart, striving to reach a lost community for Christ. I have come away from this experience with a great burden to pray for my brethren who struggle in so many ways to fulfill the Great Commission in their own “backyard.”

We still have several more meetings and churches to visit. We covet your prayers as we travel many miles. Pray that we will be a blessing to the people we meet along the way. Pray that churches will see the need that we have of additional personal and ministry support and commit to help fill that

Thank you for your support and prayers through the years.

Joyfully in His service,

Henry Gonzalez