Gregg Schoof Prayer Letter:  Radio BuildingWow! These two months were busy! We are so thankful that someone donated money to help us finish the new radio building. So we ended up spending two full weeks on top of the mountain—along with several other trips there.

We wanted to go quickly to finish the building before the rainy season started; BUT, you guessed it, the week we went to work on it, it rained every single day! The workers had to carry every stone up the mountain the last half mile! The road was just too muddy for the trucks to make it up, but . . . at least they didn’t have to carry up water! 

The first week, we finished the walls and put on a very strong roof. Several roofs around here have been blown off due to high winds. Also, the workers were surprised at my cement-mix ratio of 1 bag to 2 wheelbarrows of sand. They never make it that strong. They use 3 or 4 wheelbarrows to a bag, and their cement usually crumbles away after a few years and needs to be replaced. So the house is strong—and done right the first time.

The second week, we worked on electricity, fixed the antenna, and adjusted the machines. So we are happy that we are now broadcasting with a better signal. When we went home, we were able to listen to a clear signal for 1½ hours as we drove away. Amen!

Also, we are still waiting for permission to build a tower. My request was rejected twice for unknown reasons. The law clearly states that if building a new tower is cheaper than renting, then we must be allowed to build, which is the case. So please pray as I go visit them again to see what we can do.

Finally, we rejoice greatly in God working in the lives of two young men, Jonathon and Jackson, who were saved through the radio. They are now at Bible college in Kampala, Uganda, with Bro. Pridgeon. Two more missed registration but will be heading there next semester.

Thank you again for your regular prayers and support. In the last two months, we saw 34 saved, 6 professions, and 65, that we know of, saved through the radio.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof