Gregg Schoof Prayer Letter: Pray for 10 New Radio Stations!It is so nice to be back in the States with family and friends. God is so good to take care of all that we need—including rest. After being by ourselves for so many years, and with all that happened in Rwanda, we really praise God for good Christian fellowship while traveling on furlough.

Furthermore, with our church being closed in Rwanda and with this COVID problem shutting down churches, we got a small taste of how the world lives on Sundays. So I have to ask, “How can people live without church . . . or live without a church family?” There is nothing that can compare to having the preaching of the Word of God and good fellowship with the body of Christ. It is essential!

These two months were busy running from church to church. The motor home developed a bit of a problem with a bent push rod. We are very grateful to Angela’s father, Warren Storm with Keep the Buses Rolling. He was a great blessing in helping me change the camshaft and tappets. Well, okay, it was more like I helped him by holding the light and turning the ratchet some.

We will be on furlough until after the February elections in Uganda. We have lost some support over the years and costs have gone up, so we are at about 80% of what new missionaries are told to raise. We need to find some additional support for the field. We are very thankful for a few churches that just decided to support us.

We also have the goal of taking back radio equipment to Uganda. By God’s grace, we want to start 7 radio stations in Uganda AND 3 stations in Burundi, but it is imperative for me to get equipment while in the States. Please pray that we can take back equipment to start at least 4 radio stations. Then we can hit the ground running when we get back to Uganda.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof