Gregg Schoof Prayer Letter:  Furlough UpdateThese past two months I have felt like Jehu–“for he driveth furiously.” We drove from Indiana to California and back and did a whole lot of zig-zagging in between. I think every other night we were in a new location. We were able to take a few days and go visit Sequoia National Park and saw eight different bears. The kids will never forget that and also one small bear that was sleeping just 15 feet off the hiking path! The crowd of people watching really jumped back fast when he awoke!

We did not have a full schedule going to California, but the Lord still blessed. A few churches that we just dropped in on took us on for support. Amen! Please pray that we can get our support level up to where it needs to be. We had about 80% of our support when we came off the field, and we really need at least 15 churches to take us on. About 10 churches had to drop us or reduce our support during the last four years because of the financial downturn, so we really need prayer for this.

Things in Rwanda are doing fine. Every week I call and email those I left in charge there. They are still going soul winning, people are still getting saved and baptized, and the radio is still broadcasting the Gospel. We also rejoice that our basic 20-lesson discipleship book has finally been printed. People love it and are growing in the Lord.

Also, please pray for some important ministry needs. We need $2,500 for a new 4.3- liter engine for our Chevy Astro van. Then we need to get a 10-foot antenna and a good FM tuner to link a live broadcast for the second tower in Rwanda. This will cost about $3,000.

Thank you again for your regular prayers and support. In July and August, we saw 15 people trust Christ out soul winning, and 147 saved through the radio.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof