Gregg Schoof Prayer Letter:  90.2 FM Started!Dear Praying Friends,

Amen! Hallelujah! We made it! We are now simulcasting on our new frequency of 90.2 FM in West Rwanda. We got a letter stating we had 30 days to start; otherwise we would lose the frequency. So one of my workers took that letter and sat in government offices every day for two weeks. Finally, the mayor of that district, who loves our radio, stepped in to get things moving. We got permission to use the land with only two weeks remaining.

We used the first week to clear all the trees, remove stumps, level the ground, fix the road, and get sand and stone delivered. The second week we dug the foundation, built a small house, got electricity hooked up, set up the equipment, and started broadcasting! We actually started at 11:57 p.m. – 3 minutes before time was up! But I really don’t think anyone was actually awake to check.

There are two big lessons I learned from this project: (1) God is all-powerful. He can make things happen. (2) When sleeping in a tent on top of a windy mountain 8,400 feet high, bring more blankets!

We put up a single temporary pole and antenna just to start broadcasting, but now we need about $5,000 to build a real tower to really cover the area. To see the mountain property and broadcast area, please search for “Gregg Schoof” on

Our family is also doing fine. The kids just finished another school year and were happy to take a break. Caleb and Hannah just finished sixth grade with Hammond Baptist Curriculum. We tested them on ACE, and they placed them in eighth to ninth grade on most subjects!

Thank you again for your regular prayers and support. In the last two months, we saw 17 saved, 1 profession, and 88, that we know of, saved through the radio.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof