Gregg and Angela Schoof Prayer Letter: Making Progress!We are very happy that lockdown finally ended on October 1. It is so good to be able to simply go to church again! Of course, we still had church in our home with a few close friends during the lockdown.

In October, we took a four-day trip to Kenya to meet a good missionary who started five churches in Burundi. We had a good visit and got some contacts for Burundi. It was a joy to be able to preach to his crowd on Sunday night. I preached about needing both Mt. Gerizim AND Mt. Ebal in your life (Deuteronomy 27:12-13).

I also took some time with his techs to give them some pointers on how to make the sound clear in the church. Yes, this really can be a big problem. If people cannot understand words spoken, then sermons are just lost in the air.

So, now Pastor ____ has moved to Burundi and will be working with a good Baptist church in Bujumbura. He has also submitted an application for a radio frequency. At the office, the people asked about me from when I went there two years ago.

He explained that I had moved to Uganda. One lady apologized that we did not get a frequency before but explained the elections caused problems back then. Those trips to Burundi were NOT in vain. Now she is VERY interested in helping us get a frequency for Bujumbura, a city with over one million people.

We are also making good progress on starting a radio in Uganda. We are working to start Grace Radio in Kampala, the capital city with over three million people. We don’t have the official paper yet, but we will be getting 99.9 FM for Kampala. Amen! Please pray that the paperwork gets finished soon.

Also, please pray that God supplies what we need. Money is now going fast with paying for radio licenses in both Uganda and Burundi. Once we get official papers, then we will need about $5,000 per tower that we want to build. It also took about $2,000 to get Pastor ___ settled in Burundi. Things are really starting to fall into place now. Thank you for your prayers and support.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof