Gregg and Angela Schoof Prayer Letter: Helping Local PastorsThese two months, I have been busy meeting with local pastors in Uganda. I am absolutely thrilled to find some great Baptist pastors around here who are separated, soul-winning, and KJV-only pastors. Amen!

But they still need some help. While visiting them, it has become very clear the direction God is leading me here in Uganda. I thought starting radio stations would be my “big ministry”—and please keep praying that God opens up doors for that, but it seems that helping local pastors will actually be more productive than anything else I do.

We have been blessed with years of attending great churches and learning from great preaching. These pastors have not had that. So, since my family and I have been given great instruction, I intend to transfer every bit of knowledge and learning I possibly can to them.

This sounds funny, but God has given me a gift of being critical, not in a bad way, but in a way where I can see things that need to be fixed or improved in churches. Then I can carefully, quietly, and privately instruct pastors on different ideas that will help them.

For example, one church I visited only had a one-hour Sunday morning service. Why? I realized quickly that they needed a better, more joyful spirit in the church. I was preaching that morning, so I took the whole sermon to preach about singing and that ALL need to sing—and I probably sang half of the sermon! It put smiles on everyone’s faces, and they all had a great time. They did not even realize that the service lasted almost two hours! The pastor thanked me so much afterwards and said it was exactly what they needed.

I have also started working on a website to share what I know. It is Mount Gerizim Baptist Ministries at I will put everything I can think of on there in a simple way that can help local Baptist churches. Here is a thought. How many have never heard the song, “This Little Light of Mine”? But some here have not. I talked to one pastor who was already searching online for kids’ songs but could not find much that was good. So, this will teach pastors basic things they need for their churches.

Please pray as we start organizing conferences and Pastors’ Schools around Uganda. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof