Gregg and Angela Schoof Prayer Letter: Back to Work in Uganda!We are so happy to be back in Uganda! We arrived safely on April 10, with a fast, but mask-annoying flight. We were so happy to get negative COVID tests for all of us. We were actually concerned about it, because the day before the test, Micah and Zachery both got some kind of flu and had mild temperatures. I don’t know if it made a difference, but we had them flush out their noses with a salt-water solution for an hour before the test. What fun!

We also shipped two crates before leaving. Churches gave us several nice mixing boards, iMac computers, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and other things to help with churches and radio setups. Angela’s family gave many boxes of Sunday school materials to help new churches. We also included several boxes of curriculum to cover 4 years of school for the kids. And finally, we loaded up on 100 nice shirts, 150 neckties, and 70 skirts from thrift stores to help whomever the Lord puts in our path.

We are happy to get working again in Uganda. We are currently helping a young Ugandan pastor with his church. His church was really devastated by the COVID lockdown. We were happy to see several people saved the first week back, and Angela had 5 visitors. It really brought in some excitement, and people are thrilled to have us back.

The church has a very tiny auditorium, and they are looking to build a larger building. The current building is 11 feet by 29 feet inside, all-inclusive. So, after talking with Pastor Jackson, I spent some days helping design a new building that will accommodate them and also give them a Fellowship Hall, Sunday school rooms, a baptistery tank, storage, and an office for the pastor. It would increase the size from 319 square feet to 2,754 square feet. Pray that they can build quickly!

Please pray for our vehicles. We are struggling to register them in Uganda. There is some confusion as to IF they can be brought in from Rwanda. They are old—2000 and 1996. Uganda only wants newer vehicles brought in, but since they were already in East Africa for a long time, they should be allowed in.

Finally, I am starting to meet with different people to get our first radio station started here. Please pray it goes well. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof