Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter: The Lord's Hand Is Not Shortened“Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.” (Isaiah 59:1)

Praise the Lord that He is still in the saving business, and He still accomplishes amazing things! During the months of November and December, we saw 469 people trust Christ as Saviour.

As we look excitedly to this new year, we rejoice for the hand of the Lord in our lives and for the fruit that He has given during the past year. Among the many blessings in 2020, the greatest was the salvation of 2,741 precious souls.

After several years of raising funds to buy property, buying the property, raising funds for our building program, and, after over a year of effort, we finally have our building permit in hand.

Ester and I are still in the States after what was intended to be a very brief furlough. We have had to reschedule our flight two times and are now scheduled to leave in March. It looked like things were opening up, but now, with this new version of the virus, I’m not sure how that will affect our plans. Please pray for God’s will in this matter. We miss our work and our people. I’m still able to preach using livestreaming. We have staff meetings, and I teach in our Bible college using video call.

We have seen God open doors of ministry that we had not before fully considered. We have found ways to get the Gospel out and disciple Christians, such as using telephones, texting, video chats, and livestreaming. Our people share prayer requests using chat groups. Our men, youth group, teen boys, teen girls, young mothers, single mothers, and police ministry all have chat groups. I monitor/work in all the groups except for the ladies’ group, which Ester works with. Our preacher boys preach and teach and upload their messages to their “Young Men” chat group. Of course, we much prefer face-to-face ministry, but we continue to see people saved and God’s children growing in the faith.

Our people are now able to get out and about and are no longer required to have a “quarantine pass” to go anywhere. They do have to wear both a face mask and a face shield. Our young men have been street preaching. It’s a little challenging for them due to the face masks and shields, but they have a portable PA, and they can put the microphone under the shield. Several of our teens and boys who have bicycles started a bicycle soul-winning and visitation group.

If anyone has a set of hymnals they’re not using, we could sure use them. We can ship them to the Philippines fairly inexpensively. We could pick them up if you are within range, or if you could ship them to us in Northwest Indiana, we would be very grateful.

I’m so encouraged by the faithfulness of our people; they have found ways to give their tithes and offerings even when they couldn’t go out. Some of our folks ask us to come by and pick them up. Jayson, our assistant pastor, goes on his motorcycle to “collect” upon the member’s request. Members with bank accounts use online transfer. Others drop them off at the church.

Thank you all for your prayers and faithful support for all these years, which enable us to stay in this amazing field of harvest. We are so very grateful.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe