Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  God Is in Control, and He Is Good . . . All the TimeWell, much has transpired since our last update. God is good and always in control, but we have seen some challenges and frustrations recently. We continue moving forward, seeing souls saved, all the while God is strengthening us and teaching us patience and faith in Him and His timing and not ours.

I spoke a week too soon in our last letter, saying that the Kenyan election process had gone better than some thought it might. The vote was nullified by their Supreme Court, and a second election was held. It was an unruly process, with many dead from rioting and police shootings, but it does now look to be settling down around year’s end.

Connie has had repeated infections over the last few years, which have been treated with antibiotics, resolving the issue each time . . . we thought. About a month before our planned departure for the field, she had another infection. We found that the infection had never really cleared up, and there were problems causing them. Seeing a specialist who did CT scans, it was evident that her kidneys had been injured with each cycle of the infections. We went to the hospital every day for two weeks for antibiotic infusions, and once the infection was defeated, she underwent surgery. The doctor needs to do a follow-up procedure after she heals, hopefully in early January.

To be honest, it was only after expressing my thoughts and frustrations to a friend, who said it sounded “like it was my pride,” that the Holy Spirit pricked my heart, and I genuinely yielded to this delay being of God’s timing. Thanks, Cory! Please pray with us about Connie’s health and that God would pave the way in His perfect timing. While being transparent in my frustration, I am very thankful that God, in His infinite wisdom and divine hand, has been very good. It is a blessing that the doctor caught this situation before we left for Africa and that God gave Connie the strength to get through deputation with this going on. We are thankful that her kidneys did not suffer more injuries than they did and that the surgery went well and was successful!

We trust you had a great Thanksgiving and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Your missionaries to East Africa,

Andy and Connie Richey