Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Victories Against All Odds!Praise be to God, Who remains faithful and almighty in the midst of a constantly changing and weakening world! This month, my wife and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary, and next month will mark two years on the road! It is amazing to me how the Lord has blessed in these two short years, and even in this most unusual month, God has continued to bless!

Towards the beginning of the month, we were contacted by FBMI to schedule our preliminary exit interview, as we are now close to the 90% mark of support. We are grateful for all the prayers and support that God has used to bring us to this point. During our meeting, my wife and I had the privilege of meeting with the leadership of FBMI to discuss our options with the unraveling of the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach. This has been the core focus of our time in these past two months, as the unraveling of a six-figure budget that involved 46 people has been a massive undertaking. We sincerely covet your prayers that God would continue to give us His wisdom and direction in all of this! As of the time we are writing this letter, we are finally at the tail end of the rearranging, and we are excited to announce its miraculous outcome in our next letter!

We are thankful that God has continued to show His favor upon our meeting calendar, as we had no cancellations of meetings this month, neither did any of our meetings have to be rescheduled! Two of our meetings turned into virtual meetings, but that was thankfully the only alteration to our original calendar. Our first in-person meeting, where we had the privilege of presenting to a congregation (as opposed to cameras), took place in Lafayette, Ohio, where the Lord moved in their hearts to partner with us financially just a few days later! Within that same week, we heard back from our meeting in Pocatello, Idaho, from earlier in the year, letting us know that they have also voted to partner with us! Praise the Lord!

This is the second month where our good friends and long-time partners in Goodrich, Michigan, allowed us to stay in their prophet’s chamber as our home base for these unusual days. We are infinitely grateful for the faith and generosity of these amazing friends. My wife and I wanted to show them our gratitude in a special way, so the Lord allowed us to write and compose a hymn dedicated to their church, titled “Fear Thou Not.” It was received with much joy and gladness, and it was truly a special way to spend our last service with them, which was their first in-person Sunday since the beginning of the lockdown!

During our time at Goodrich, Michigan, there quickly came a point where we were tired of not knocking on doors. Thus, we grabbed some Gospel tracts, went out into a neighborhood, and went door-to-door soul winning! On the third door in, a young man named Andrew and his younger sister Michaela trusted Christ as their Saviour! Glory to God! Soul winning still works!

We praise the Lord that Japan officially lifted their state of emergency this month. Please pray now that they would also lift their travel restrictions as scheduled by the end of June. My wife and I, along with a small group we are taking with us, already have tickets to fly to Japan on July 15, 2020. We sincerely and urgently covet your prayers that God would allow us to penetrate Japan while their hearts are still fearful and tender!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi