Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Setting Sail on the Waters of DeputationWell, this is it! We have quit our jobs, gotten married, completed our presentation items, and set sail on the uncertain waters of deputation! We have seen God bless in amazing ways already, and we are excited to share with you some of the dividends of your eternal investments.

On days we are not scheduled to present, much of my time is spent calling and emailing pastors. My wife and I make an aggressive effort to win souls on these days. Two weeks ago, God led us to lead a lady named Karen to the Lord! This week, we had the privilege of presenting our ministry to our friends, the Pacific Baptist Church of Monterey Park, California. My wife and I had the privilege of winning a Catholic man named Juan to Christ on our way to their Sunday service! Please pray that, as we continue to follow up on both Karen and Juan, they will make an effort to attend a good local church and get scripturally baptized.

Pastor Kyle Beck and his church at Monterey Park just celebrated their year anniversary as an independent church. We were blessed with a very happy congregation! It was a joy to partner up with them in our endeavors to reach Japan for Christ. Please pray that God continues to give us more opportunities to present our work, as well as for our trip to Indiana for the FBMI Missions University coming up in the middle of July.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our deputation trail! It is a joy to serve our God.

In Christ,

Go and Danielle Oishi