Go Oishi Prayer Letter:  Raising Support and Reaching the JapaneseGlory to His name! What an exciting month it has been. We spent the month of February sharing our burden and vision with eight different churches mainly in Northern California, as well as Arizona. We are thrilled to share with you how God moved in these meetings!

One of our meetings took place in Concord, California, and the pastor there was able to direct us to another pastor in Brentwood, California (a neighboring city), who opened his back room for us to spend a few nights during our stay in the North! Though we originally had not scheduled to present in Brentwood, the pastor we stayed with allowed us to share our burden to his church that same Sunday since we were already at his house! Long story short, they ended up taking us on for support! God is indeed the one Who opens doors for missionaries!

The highlight of this month was the Missions Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona. My wife and I enjoyed ministering and being ministered to at that great church. While out soul winning before one of the evening sessions, a lady named Melanie got saved! It was also during this conference that we celebrated my wife’s birthday on the 26th. The precious couple that housed us during the conference made her birthday very special. On top of that, it was also on the night of her birthday that the church there voted to partner with us financially on the closing night of their conference! How great is our God!

During our time in Arizona, a good friend from college, who is now serving in a church in Oregon, called me to witness to his Japanese visitors. I was able to give the Gospel to them; however, as this was their first time ever hearing of the name of Jesus Christ, they were not quite ready to make a true profession of faith solely in Him as their Saviour. Please pray that God will continue working in the hearts of Shayla and Irene that they might be saved!

Many of our prayer and financial partners have asked about a CD of our vocal and instrumental hymns. This month, we were able to record a full album at our sending church! They are not for sale; we would like to give them as a gift to those who have already blessed us so much as partners in His Great Commission. Please let me know if you would like one, and we will gladly send you a copy!

Thank you for praying for us regularly and investing in our ministry. God is indeed blessing in very obvious ways!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,UniUn

Go and Danielle Oishi