Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Our Response to Japan’s Extended International Travel BanGlory to God! He is always good! The month of June actually felt like a somewhat normal month of deputation for us in terms of how many in-person meetings we had the privilege of being a part of. We are thrilled to share with you all that God has done in and through our seven meetings in Wisconsin, plus one meeting in Illinois, this month, as well as the miracles that He has done for us regarding the rearranging of the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach!

Our month in Wisconsin began with wonderful news from a church that we had previously visited in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in the Milwaukee area, letting us know that they had voted to take us on for support, which now puts us above the 90% mark! We are always humbled and amazed by the faith and generosity of God’s people, especially in difficult times like these.

God has continued to move in miraculous ways in the rearranging of the FBMI 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach. When it seemed inevitable that a large amount of God’s money that was sacrificed by God’s people was going to go to waste, God gave us full refunds and travel credits from every one of our traveling agencies, including our flights! As God has continued to show His favor upon this trip, we were able to transfer every delegate to the now confirmed FBMI 2021 Japan Olympic Outreach without any financial loss! With the new 2021 Tokyo Olympic calendar confirmed, we were able to settle the new dates for the missions trip, and we look forward to opening this opportunity to new delegates soon!

Out of the many churches that God has allowed us to present our ministry in this month, two of them have already voted to take us on for support! The first of these two was the church we visited in Beloit, Wisconsin, where I was given the privilege to speak for all of their services. Throughout the day, God sparked a special revival, where many came to the altar to commit themselves to being more active witnesses for Jesus Christ and a lady named Angel trusted Christ as her Saviour! What a wonderful fact it is that God is still working in the hearts of people in our nation! The other church that had voted to partner with us right then and there was the church in Bourbonnais, Illinois. God has given us favor among all of the other churches we visited as well, and we are so humbled by these churches for putting the Great Commission at utmost priority in the midst of valleys!

Immediately after our meeting in Beloit, Wisconsin, I was invited down to the FBMI offices in Hammond, Indiana, where I was given the opportunity to serve as an encouragement to future missionaries who will be starting their own deputation journeys within the next four years. My wife and I are honored to know and to serve alongside so many with a passion to reach lost souls for Christ. We have been back into our full swing of soul winning this month, and we are excited to see God continuing to work in miraculous ways as we continue to herald forth the Gospel from door to door!

Japan lifted their domestic travel ban this month but extended their international travel ban to the end of July. We are now praying that God would allow us to go in for at least a few weeks in August before our September and October meetings begin back in the United States, which will, Lord willing, be our final months of deputation. In the midst of this valley, however, God allowed us to confirm my born-again aunt to be our much-needed sponsor for the visa necessary for permanently moving into Japan! Praise the Lord! He is still paving the way and guiding us step by step into victory!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi