Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Our First Cross-Country Drive!Glory to God! So much happened this month that it will be very difficult to fit it all into one report! As always, we are thrilled to share with you just the highlights of the results of your faithful prayers and investments.

This month started off with a phone call from the Wings Bearing Precious Seeds ministry, letting us know that they will be partnering with us in gathering material to pass out for the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach! We also now have over 25 people who have seriously expressed interest in joining us on this trip. It is obvious that God is all over this endeavor! We are still praying that God will provide more laborers and funds for this trip. Please feel free to email me directly if you believe that God would allow you to have a part, either financially or as a delegate!

One of the final meetings here in California took place in American Canyon. While my wife and I were out soul winning there, we met a young man named Manny, who was raised in a Catholic background. He was thoroughly confused and had been searching for the real truth. Manny ended up trusting Jesus Christ as his Saviour! We shared our burden to the church there the very next day, and they decided to partner with us financially that same night!

The drive from California to Michigan went very smoothly, and we are grateful to you for praying for our traveling mercies. Our first meeting in Michigan was a Missions Conference in the ghost town of Volinia. As all sessions were in the evening, my wife and I went soul winning during the daytime in the surrounding towns. During those endeavors, Shelby, a young man, who came from a Wiccan household, got saved, as did a lady named Zuley, who was raised Catholic. There are many here in the U.S. still searching for the truth! In response to this, on one of the nights of the conference, a lady named Dorothea made a decision to be a soul winner!

On the final weekend of March, we shared our burden with a church in Goodrich, Michigan. While staying in the prophet’s chamber there, my wife and I received two phone calls and an email, letting us know that a church had partnered with us financially! Two of these churches were from earlier in the year in California. However, one of these phone calls came from a church in Pennsylvania—a state that we have yet to visit or even contact! God moved in their hearts to begin supporting us after seeing and hearing some information about us! God has proven time and time again like this that He will get us to the field!

We are pleased to announce that almost every weekend and midweek slot in our calendar is completely filled with scheduled churches until the middle of December 2019! Thank you for your faithful prayers and investments!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi