Go Oishi Prayer Letter:  From Ontario, Canada, to Ontario, CaliforniaGlory to God! He has given us a very strong start to 2019—our first full year of deputation! As mentioned in the title, we have traveled quite a distance this month, and we are thrilled to share with you some of the blessings of our journey!

Our final meeting of 2018, as well as our first meeting in 2019, took place in Canada. They are both missionaries supported by my home church in Michigan, who are now pastoring thriving churches in cities that host vast numbers of nationalities. The pastor of the church in Richmond Hills, Ontario, initially trained and worked under the pastor of the church in London, Ontario, and now they are both supporting us as their missionaries to Japan! This indeed is missions at its finest! We cannot wait until the day God allows us to reproduce pastors and take on missionaries!

We flew back to Ontario, California, on the 8th to prepare for two more individual meetings and two Missions Conferences scheduled back to back. Both of the churches we had scheduled for our single-weekend meetings voted to take us on for support that same night! This is the same thing that happened at the two churches in Canada! Hallelujah to our God Who provides!

God moved in many amazing ways during the two Missions Conferences we had the honor to be a part of this month. The first was in the city of Ontario, California, at a predominantly Spanish church. They were the seventh Spanish church and the fourth Spanish conference we have had the honor of presenting our ministry to, and we absolutely love it every time! During our time there, we had the privilege of volunteering a few of our open weekdays in the summertime to help out a U.S. church planter who was also represented at the conference. We are excited to see what God will do through these endeavors! Our second was at our sending church in Wildomar, California. It was refreshing to be back home again, and it gave us just the empowering that my wife and I needed to blaze through 2019.

Out of the many people we witnessed to over the course of our meetings, we had the joy of leading a young man named Kamari and a college student named Chloe to bow their heads to receive Christ as their Saviour. A young lady at our last meeting (another Spanish church—perhaps we will pick up a new language on deputation!) made the decision to become a soul winner! Recruiting has been going well for the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach. We are still praying for more people to sign up and for more funds to come in so that many can be reached at the stadium. You can help with both at www.fbmi.org/event/japantrip. We hope to see many of you there so that we can minister together for His name’s sake!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi