Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Doing the Work While on DeputationHow great is our God! April has brought us great showers of blessings, both in terms of souls won and partners gained. We are thrilled as always to report to you the results brought by your faithful giving and fervent prayers!

When presenting to a church, it is somewhat unusual for that church to take us on the same day of that meeting. This is even more unusual if that meeting was scheduled on a midweek service. However, God has allowed this to happen two weeks in a row at the beginning of this month! We began our lineup of meetings in April in Grove City, Ohio, on Wednesday, the 3rd. Here we were able to meet many missionaries this great church is sending out. What an honor it was to be a part of their services, as it is our vision to send out missionaries from the churches God will have us to plant one day in Japan! That church voted to take us on right when my wife and I thought the service was over! On the following Wednesday, we presented our burden to a church in Smiths Creek, Michigan; they voted to partner with us at the very beginning of their evening service! Hallelujah to a God Who still provides!

My wife and I always enjoy going soul winning with every church that invites us to present. However, this month brought extra excitement in our soul- winning endeavors, as we were able to go soul winning with churches that were preparing for big days for Easter Sunday! What a privilege it was to be a part of the preparations for seven different big Easter Sundays this year! While out soul winning in Bridgeport, Michigan, a young man named Charles, as well as a lady named Sarah, trusted Jesus as their Saviour! They and many others promised to be a part of the Easter services at that church! We were told that they had one of the greatest turnouts in their history of Easter services.

Right after Easter Sunday, my wife flew out to our sending church in Wildomar, California, to attend their annual Ladies’ Conference. If you ever happen to get a seat next to my wife on an airplane, it is guaranteed that you will get witnessed to! On her way there, she was able to lead a lady named Amy to the Lord! While my wife was away, I did my first solo meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After three hours of unresponsive doors while out soul winning there, I was able to meet a lady named Tawney, who ended up trusting Jesus as her Saviour! Just a few doors after that, I met a man named John, who told me that he had gotten away from the Lord and was praying that God would send someone his way to invite him to church. This all happened on the fourth hour of door knocking, and I am glad the Lord kept me going! These are all people potentially added to their local churches; please pray as these churches follow up on these newly saved souls!

In the midst of all of this, two phone calls came at the end of this month bearing good news. The churches in Goodrich, Michigan, and Volinia, Michigan (mentioned in the March praise report), voted to take us on for support! Thank you for all your prayers, which make all of these things possible!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi