George and Barb Zarris Prayer Letter: Forbidden(The following testimony was received by Iran Alive, a Persian satellite television channel on which CRI preacher, Michael Germi, broadcasts. The author is a 23-year-old young lady.)

I was raised in a very religious Muslim family. We did not have a satellite dish because my parents believed it would bring immorality into our home. I was jealous that my friends were watching programs on satellite television, so I prayed to God, “Please allow me to have a satellite dish. I promise not to be seduced and or to leave my Islamic faith.” Amazingly, the following week, my sister gave our family a television and a satellite dish. I was forbidden to watch anything but Islamic channels.

It wasn’t long before I recognized a problem. Every time we turned on the television, a Christian program—Iran Alive—automatically appeared. (Later we learned that the man who installed our dish and receiver was a Christian.)

Although I heard only a few seconds before I changed the channel, my heart was touched every time. Curious to learn more, I began watching when I was alone. After two months, I realized how wrong my Islamic beliefs were. Jesus was not just a prophet; He was the living Lord. Finally, I called Iran Alive, prayed with a counselor, and received Christ.

My heart was so filled with joy, I immediately told my mother. She was very angry, slapped me hard, and told me I was UNCLEAN. She refused to touch me or allow me to eat with the family. I started praying that the Lord would show Himself to my mom at the right time.

Weeks passed. When my mother saw how calm and respectful I was, even when she was angry and cursing me, she became
curious. One night she recanted, “Turn on the television, and show me what you have been watching that has made such a difference in your life.” My mother cried through the entire Friday worship service and Pastor Hormoz’s sermon. When he encouraged people to repent, my mother repeated the prayer of salvation.

Since then, my mother has boldly told others about Christ. Although our family has persecuted us, in time we have seen my sister and other family members accept Christ. Watching the forbidden Christian station did not lead us away from truth, but to it!

(Editor’s note: In most Muslim countries, satellite dishes are illegal. Despite the attempt of the Iranian government to eradicate the forbidden dishes, 60 million Iranians—75 percent of the country—have satellite receivers in their homes.)

Thank you for partnering with us to reach the world.

George Zarris
Christian Radio International